3 Simple Ways To Match Your Sunglasses With Your Outfit

If you are someone who is really specific about your style and outfit, there is another trick you can add to boost your style quotient - Matching your sunglasses with your outfit.

Eyeglasses are no more just a vision correcting piece but an extension of your personality and vibe. Which is why - Just like your shoes, watches, wallets or bags, you can never have enough eyewear. 

Here are a few tips on how to match your flattering eyewear collection with your outfits for that instant glam up instantly and a complete look - 

  • Start from your skin tone

Your skin tone and skin undertone are two different tones. Your skin tone is what you see on the outside, your skin undertone is what gives your skin tone its shade. 

To know your skin undertone, observe your hand in daylight.

If your veins appear green/olive colored, you have a warm undertone. Warm, golden,or earthy shaded frames will suit your skin tone.

If the veins are blue/purple, you have a cool undertone. You can choose blue, black, or subtle brown color frames to compliment your skin tone.

If you have hazel eyes, you are likely to have a neutral undertone. Go for a mint green or magnetic blue frame to accompany your outfit.

  • Accessories may be small but are important

A subtle way of creating a complete look is to coordinate your eyewear with the accessories you are wearing - jewellery, hairpins, scarves, shoes, watch and belt. Metallic frames are a really versatile and easy way to create an interesting contrast. Flaunt gold frames with gold accessories, silver frames with accessories, or colorful frames with your gemstone collection to make a statement.

At Ottika, we have a wide collection of frames and colored lenses to create a one of a kind look. 

  • Break the monotony

Brown, navy, black frames are the easiest to pair with any outfit. But then they can also be “plain”. Instead pair pastel colored outfits with gray, beige, or powder blue frames or dark colored outfits with a quirky paste shade frame and see a huge difference to your overall look.

Ottika Canada offers all sizes, shapes and colors of sunglasses so that you can always find a pair to match different types of outfits. Get one (or many) to match your outfit and look your best.