4 Hottest sunglasses style for a cool, trendy summer

Summer is here. Time for some sun, shade and sunglasses. Not to forget just the right time to upgrade your sunglasses collection (and of course your style quotient).

But before you just randomly buy the most “popular’ sunglasses. Take a moment to understand if they are actually right for you.

Wondering how to do that. Well, the trick is knowing your type - Face type.

Once you have understood your Face type, here are 4 hottest sunglasses frame types to accentuate your style -

  • Geometric Sunglasses
  • For people with round faces, geometric sunglasses are an excellent way to stand out in the crowd. “Geometric-shape shades – whether they are square or hexagonal – offer an easy way to differentiate yourself from the crowd,” says Reiss brand stylist Paul Higgins. “Because of their shape, subtlety is key, so be sure to choose thin frames and classic colors.”

  • Colorful Sunglasses
  • As a rule of thumb, wearability is a major factor while choosing sunglasses. But if you already have a few solid sunglasses in your collection, you can certainly brighten it with a pair of cool, colored sunnies.

    “The colors of current styles are bright and popping, and the best examples use the same color on the entire design,” says Lauren van der Kolk, head of product design at Ace & Tate. “With lenses tinted in the same colors as the frames, they’re perfect for seeing life in yellow, red and blue.”

  • Aviator Sunglasses
  • Known as a classic, aviators never go out of trend. “Popular for decades and known as the original pilot’s sunglasses, aviators are making a big comeback,” says Marie Wilkinson, design director at Cutler and Gross. “This time, the main update is that they are predominantly made in acetate, with a single brow bridge for extra fashion nous.”

    If you want to add an edge to this classic, you can look for gold frames, colored lenses or patterned acetate designs.

  • Top-Bar Sunglasses
  • For the ones who like attention, top bar glasses are just right. A bolder version of the aviators, these are designed to be seen. For those who like subtle attention, worry not.  “Top bar sunglasses are still a wise choice, but chunky designs have given way to thinner profile designs, typically utilizing metal rather than acetate,” says Higgins.

    And now that you have understood the delicate science of choosing the right pair of sunglasses, browse through our latest 50 shades of summer collection - A collection inspired by the beauty and freshness of summers while maintaining a signature, clean, stylish aesthetic.

    Choose one (or two or even more) to upgrade your sunglasses collection. Because this summer is going to be eye-catching.