Spectacle frame comfort and selection as per prescription

One look through our extensive eyewear catalogue will show you how diverse your eyewear options can be! Fashion lovers will appreciate the endless options and diverse designs. However, they can make choosing the right frame for your prescription even more difficult - especially when shopping online! Not every frame style and shape will complement every lens. As a result, knowing which type of frame will provide effective vision correction while also being comfortable to wear is critical.

Continue reading to learn how to choose the best pair of frames for your visual needs!

High negative power

If you have a high negative power, i.e. a power greater than -6, choose frames with thicker rims, such as cellulose acetate eyeglasses. Negative-power lenses are thinner in the centre and thicker at the edges. As a result, cellulose acetate frames are an excellent choice for such a visual requirement. High-index lenses combined with slender metal frames help to avoid the outmoded 'coke-bottle' effect. 

For those with a high negative power, trendy transparent acetates are a cool and skin-friendly option. Choose a chic grey-tone, classic clear frame, or duo-toned transparents to keep your look versatile.

Single-vision reading glasses

Choose frames that are shorter vertically and wider horizontally if you need single-vision reading glasses. These have a larger field of view for reading and are also ideal for those who require zero power computer eyeglasses! Choose lighter frames made of titanium, ultem, and stainless steel to work or read for extended periods of time without feeling the weight on your nose!

For interesting textures and classic options in this frame type, try the Titanium Flex range. The collection combines high strength and extreme flexibility, making these frames difficult to break - even if they're left lying around!

Bifocal, progressive, or multifocal lenses

Choose taller full-rimmed frames if you need prescription glasses with more than one power, such as bifocal, progressive, or multifocal lenses. These comfortably accommodate all of your abilities without interfering with your field of vision. For those who require bifocals, full-rimmed frames with ergonomic, adjustable nose pads can provide the best visual experience. If you need progressive lenses, you can also choose half-rimmed frames, which provide a border-free visual experience.

The Pro-Titanium collection includes taller designs with plenty of surface area to meet all of your visual needs! These designs are high-fashion, featherlight, and oversized enough to be comfortable to wear.

High positive power

If you have a high positive power, or are far-sighted, slender metal frames are an excellent choice. Because of their convex shape, lenses with high positive power are thicker in the centre and thinner around the edges. Thus, wearing slender frames of metal spectacles plays an important role in avoiding the bug-eyed effect. If you need a lightweight and durable pair of eyeglasses, opt for sleek, 100% stainless steel frames. Titanium eyeglasses are ideal if you want something with higher performance and long-lasting corrosion resistance.

Try the ultra-sleek Pro-Titanium Collection for eyewear that is both functional and fashionable. Our full-rimmed titanium collection includes trendy colours and glamorous metallics.

Low to moderate power

Rimless and half-rimmed glasses frames are ideal for those looking for a lightweight and comfortable eyewear option. These are ideal if you have a low single-vision prescription. Rimless and half-rim frames provide a seamless appearance and are the ideal eyewear companion for comfort seekers. For a safe and weightless experience while working long hours, choose rimless glasses with computer lenses. Make your work wardrobe stand out with ultra-sleek half-rimmed glasses!

Our rimless and half-rim collections have slim end-pieces, sleek metallic details, and fashionable shapes. These provide the wearer with a subtle yet sharp appearance.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion. However, when it comes to technical details, it's critical to remember the specifics. When you choose the best frame type for your lenses, you will have an easy and comfortable visual experience!

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