Start 2023 with bang new collections

If you're all about making new year's resolutions, making professional commitments, and stepping up your style game, the new year is all about the thrill. Dresses, food, accessories, and travel all get a makeover, so why not your eyewear?

The 2023 eyewear collection features a wide range of models and designs to suit a wide range of personalities. Ottika brings you the best styles and the most recent eyewear trends all in one place. Their collection includes new and experimental designs. Not sure if a certain style is right for you? Don't worry- use the virtual try-on feature and you'll be one step closer to purchasing some of the latest eyewear trends.

Top 5 eyewear trends for 2023

Preparing for a new year necessitates planning for the expected trends. With the end of the year approaching, you should be aware of the top upcoming eyewear trends for 2023. Here's what to expect, from tinted lenses to green eyewear.

Green eyewear frames

The year 2023 is all about accessorizing with eco-friendly eyewear. The fashion industry will place a strong emphasis on encouraging sustainability. Most businesses will strive to reduce their carbon footprint with the products they manufacture. As a result, expect eye collections made from bio-acetate, cork, coffee, natural wood, and recycled materials.

Angular Oversized Glasses

In 2023, oversized eyewear frames from the 1970s will be reintroduced. In the coming months, you'll see a lot of people wearing oversized sunglasses everywhere you go. The trend will be one you must have in your wardrobe, from your family members to celebrities and random strangers.

Your appearance is influenced by your eyewear. To look good, the frames you choose should draw attention to your eyes. Angular oversized eyewear will help centre your eyes, make your iris pop, and make your features appear more symmetrical, all of which will enhance your appearance.

Oversized eyewear creates a sophisticated look that exudes class and intelligence.

This accessory will complement any outfit. These frames are adaptable and can be used in a variety of settings, such as weekend events or business meetings. With the angular oversized eyewear, you can stand out in any crowd.

The frames that will be available in 2023 will be chunky and made of recycled plastics. Their geometric angular frames in neutral colours balance the dramatic chunky frames, giving them a maximalist look.

Athletic-Inspired Eyewear

Athletic-inspired eyewear frames will be popular in 2023, according to the Milan Fashion Week runway. You may be familiar with these styles if you are an active person who participates in sports such as baseball or football.

Wraparound sunglasses, which have been popular since the twentieth century, are making a comeback in 2023. They distinguish themselves from other accessories by retaining the originality of a sporting or athletic context.

Tinted Lenses

Tinted glasses from the 1970s are making a comeback in 2023. Trendsetters will be wearing yellow, orange, and red lenses. Aviator-style and metallic frames will be popular in the coming year. Various celebrities will wear them to see if tinted lenses are still relevant in 2023.

Harlequin Glasses

Cat-eye glasses were previously known as harlequin glasses. These harlequin mask-inspired glasses are back to shake up the eyewear industry. These eye frame designs will outperform your style expectations in 2023.

Harlequin glasses can add a splash of colour to your everyday look. This look can be enhanced with tied-up hair, blue denim, and a white t-shirt. They can make you look stylish while remaining unobtrusive.

Latest brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Carrera and many more bring the latest style for this year.

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